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Civil/Structurals, Roadways/Highways, Water, Port/Marine Engineering

The company has leading market position in the design and construction supervision of Roads, Bridges, High-Rise Structures, Highways, location planning of oil wells for the Oil & Gas majors.

Civil/Structural Engineering

Our civil/structural works include the Design and Supervision of new Bridges, High-Rise structures, Buildings, Stadium/ Athletics Complexes, Shopping Malls and Airport facilities.


Our activities in this area include the design and supervision of both flexible and rigid pavements and the following:

  • Transportation System Planning and Management
  • Traffic Engineering and Environmental studies
  • Travel Demand forecasting and computerization
  • Development of highway safety measures

Water & Water Supply/Drainage Systems

Water related projects include the design and supervision of pumping stations, water reservoirs (elevated and underground), as well as drainage improvement facilities, water and sewer underground utilities, irrigation and water distribution services.

Port / Marine Engineering

Using up-to-date design procedures, foreign expertise and diversified skilled professionals, our marine works include the design and supervision of breakwater and Jetties, wharves, marines, dredging, bank stabilization, sheet pilings, piers and mooring services.

"To make use of the totality of human talent, time and material resources at our disposal for the promotion and enhancement of humanity, through the application of engineering technology at its best.."

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