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Olorunsogo II 754 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

Project Description:
The contract for the 754 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, which is an extension of the 335 MW Power Plant was signed on 16th April 2007, with Messrs SEPCO III Electric Power Construction Corporation of China and with Messrs Oska~Jo & Partners Ltd/Scott Wilson Plc. (now URS Corporation) to supervise the project.

Project Scope:
The scope of the project covered:
The design, procurement, supply and construction of four GE Frame 9 (PG 1971E) heavy duty mono axial Gas Turbines each rated 125 MW. These Gas Turbines were to be operated in the Combined Cycle mode by the addition of a Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) at the exhaust of each Gas Turbine. Steam generated by these HRSGs will be led to two Steam Turbines (2 HRSGs to 1 Steam Turbine) each rated 125 MW.

Olorunsogo in Ogun State.

Project Status:
Completed in 2012.

Services Provided:

  • Engineering Design & Supervision
  • Project Management

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